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American Standard forged steel floating ball valve

Pressure classclass150~class600

Strength test2.93~15.0

Sealing test2.07~11.03

Pneumatic test0.6MPa

Common applicable mediaWater, steam, petroleum, liquefied gas, natural gas, etc

Sulfur resistant applicable mediumNatural gas and oil containing H2S and Co

Product overview

All stainless steel ball valves designed and produced by our company to provide maximum operating life and reliability meet the requirements of American Petroleum Institute standards apis08 and API6D, British standard bs535 and American Society of mechanical engineers standard ASME B16.34. The valve consists of complete two and three valve bodies and internals.

Change of Internals and connection mode

Change of packing and gasket, fixed operation

Extended handle, pressure regulation

Electrostatic spring / fire protection standard

Customer's special casting requirements

Change of inner hole at welding end

Cleaning and packaging of oxygen / chlorine

1. Operation

It is easier to operate with the handle. It can also use worm gear, electric, pneumatic and hydraulic. They are used in more difficult environments.

2. Valve body and bonnet

Instead of using the valve body and bonnet below 3-piece 12 ", this structure is more convenient for the repair and replacement of external parts.

3. Drift diameter

Full bore, reduced bore and full bore are suitable for large flow media.

4. Connection mode

Flange connection, ring connection and butt welded pipe parts can be used.

5. Filler

The standard packing is generally made of Teflon to ensure that the packing is suitable for high temperature conditions under high cycle compression and severe operating environment.

6. Electrostatic spring

This connection is always on the ball and stem! The movement between the valve bodies is unloaded and finally stationary during operation.

7. Double row and double block

When the ball is completely closed or fully opened, the valve body through hole is isolated, and the blocked medium can be easily discharged to avoid excessive pressure.

8. Fire signs

It is designed according to api607 or bs6755 to ensure their operational applicability in case of fire. Secondly, the metal sealing surface is like a layer of isolation wall when the main sealing surface is damaged by fire. The valve conforming to api607 is equipped with graphite packing and gasket.

Product features

Technical specification: APL series

Design specification: API6D, api608, BS5351

Nuclear power temperature class: ASME B16.34

Structure length: ASME B16.10

Flange form and size: ASME B 16.5, asmeb16.47

Butt welding end connection: ASME B16.25

Socket weld connection: ASME B16.11

Threaded end connection: ASME b16.1.20

Inspection and test: API598, ap16d

Applicable temperature: - 196 ℃ ~ 550 ℃