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Oxygen stop valve

Nominal pressureDN1.6~DN16.0

Strength test2.4~24.0

Water seal test1.76~17.6

Upper seal test1.76~17.6

Airtight seal test0.4~0.7

Product overview

The oxygen stop valve adopts silicon brass or stainless steel with excellent material. It has the advantages of high strength, wear resistance and good safety. Use on oxygen lines. It has the best explosion-proof and flame-retardant performance and eliminates the unsafe factors on the oxygen pipeline. According to the operation characteristics of oxygen pipe network and considering the flammable and explosive characteristics of oxygen medium. It is a special valve designed and manufactured to ensure the safe operation of chlorine pipe network based on the design principle of safety, reliability and superior performance and with reference to the provisions of Oxygen safety regulations formulated by the Ministry of metallurgical industry of the people's Republic of China.

Product features

Dn250-500 adopts the structure with external bypass valve. Reduce the pressure difference before and after the valve to avoid high flow rate, high scouring and high temperature. The valve is equipped with static electricity conducting safety device, which can avoid sparks caused by static electricity.

The support of stop valve for oxygen pipeline adopts fully enclosed structure. When the packing is pressed, the protective cover plate on the support can be opened to prevent oil and dust. And there are obvious oil prohibition marks.

All parts are strictly degreased.

Executive standard

Design standard:GB 12235

Structure length:GB 12221

Connecting flange:JB 79

Test inspection:GB/T 13927JB/T 9092

Pressure temperature:GB 9131