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Flat bottom discharge valve

Design standardGB 12235

Structure lengthGB 12221

Connecting flangeJB78 JB79

Working temperature≤75℃.Stainless steel ≤320℃ Carbon steel

Test inspectionGB/T 13927

Product overview

The Y-type slurry valve adopts a straight through structure with small flow resistance and is not easy to scar. The left and right valve bodies are separated. There are valve seats between the two valve bodies. During maintenance, it only needs to disassemble the bolts of the two valve bodies to clean or repair. Damaged parts can also be replaced in time. The parts with severe erosion in the inner cavity of the valve body are equipped with cemented carbide protective lining plates. When opening the valve, It can protect the valve body from being washed and corroded by the medium, greatly improve the service life of the valve, build-up cemented carbide between the sealing surfaces, and have high hardness.

Product features

Slurry valve is mainly used in aluminum, chemical, petroleum, metallurgy and other industries. According to the needs of the actual situation, the slurry valve is required to achieve the high performance of "three resistance and one prevention", that is, wear resistance, pressure resistance, erosion resistance and anti scarring. The bottom structure is designed as convex, and the operation mode is manual, bevel gear, pneumatic and electric.