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High performance all welded pipeline ball valve

Design criteriaAPI 6D& GBT 19672

Structure lengthASME/ANSI B16.5&B16.47a

Connecting flangeASME API GB&B16.25、GB、JBHG、JS、EN、DIN

Inspection and testAPI 6D & GB/T 19672

Product overview

High performance all welded Z-line ball valve is a new product developed by our company. It is widely used as an on-off control element in oil, natural gas long-distance pipeline, liquefied gas, gas and other industries. It has a unique and advanced design: the valve body is welded with two forged hemispherical bodies in the middle with a weld, so that the valve has light weight, high strength and stiffness, At the same time, the possibility of medium leakage is completely eliminated; Ball rest fixation; All metal parts of the valve are completely forged; The sealing design of the valve seat adopts a unique two-way soft seal and metal seal to form a three-time seal. The valve seat piston is carefully designed to ensure reliable sealing and long service life; At the same time, the switch torque is light, easy to operate, safe to use and maintenance free.

Product features

Full bore or reduced bore design.

The valve body is welded by two forged hemispheres to eliminate the leakage of medium.

The ball is fixed, the valve rod prevents blowing out, and the valve rod is sealed at multiple levels.

Floating double seat. Two way seal, double soft seal, three times seal with metal.

Double blocking and double discharging DBB structure.

Fire protection device, in accordance with api6o7iapi 6fa.

Anti static design, in accordance with BS5351.

The overpressure in the middle chamber is automatically released.

The valve seat and valve stem are equipped with emergency grease filling sealing structure and device.

The switch is flexible, easy to operate, long service life and maintenance free.