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ZSHO Start shut-off ball valve

Nominal diameterDN20-DN300

Nominal pressure0.8~5

Flange standardJB/T79-94 HG20592 ANSI B16.5  JIS B2212~2214

Applicable mediaSteam, water, oil

TemperaturePTEF≤180℃,PPL≤300℃,Metal seal≤425

Product overview

Pneumatic cut-off ball valve is a valve (ball) rotating 90o perpendicular to the channel axis. It is composed of piston double acting or single acting (spring return) pneumatic actuator and o-valve structure. It is equipped with accessory solenoid valve, air filter pressure reducer, limit switch (valve position annunciator) or electro-pneumatic valve positioner to realize automatic regulation control or two position cut-off control of fluid medium in process pipeline.

Product features

1. Pneumatic ball valve has small fluid resistance and is the one with the smallest fluid resistance among all valves. It can be opened and closed quickly and conveniently. Driven by compressed air, the ball can be opened and closed or adjusted quickly by rotating the ball 0 ~ 90o with the torque output by angular stroke through the mechanical transmission valve rod of piston, rack and gear. The ball core channel is flat and smooth, it is not easy to deposit media, and it can carry out pipeline ball passing. The structure is simple, Light weight and good sealing performance. It is the executive unit of the instrument in the automatic control system;

2. The electro pneumatic valve positioner is adopted, which is powered by electrical signal and compressed air and receives 0-10mA input from the control system? DC or 4-20mA? DC current signal: the regulator converts the compressed air into air source pressure signal for input and output, and changes the rotation angle of the ball core to realize proportional adjustment action;

3. The electromagnetic directional valve and valve position annunciator are used to realize the fast two position cut-off control of fluid medium with AC220V or DC24V power supply voltage and compressed air as power;

4. GT, at or aw pneumatic actuators adopt piston cylinder and curved arm conversion structure, with large output torque, small volume, fully sealed waterproof design and high protection grade. The cylinder block adopts mirror cylinder, which has no oil lubrication, small friction coefficient, corrosion resistance and super durability and reliability. All transmission bearings adopt boundary self-lubricating bearings, which are oil-free lubrication to ensure that the transmission shaft is not worn.