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ZSHV Pneumatic V-shaped regulating ball valve

Nominal diameterDN20 ~ DN600

Nominal pressure1.6  4.0  6.4MPa

Connection formWafer type (pipe flange):JB79-59

Flange formJB79-59

Connecting materialZG25I、ZG1Cr18Ni9Ti、

Product overview

Pneumatic V-shaped regulating ball valve is a right angle rotary regulating valve. It can be used together with the valve positioner to realize proportional regulation. It can be used together with the two position five-way solenoid valve and control box to realize on-off control. The valve core of V-shaped ball valve is designed with a V-shaped notch with special shape, with accurate closure physical properties and control functions. It is suitable for various control occasions and has large rated flow coefficient, It has the advantages of large adjustable proportion, excellent sealing performance, compact structure, small volume and vertical and horizontal installation. It is suitable for the control of gas, liquid and solid granular media. Because there is no gap rotation between the valve core and the valve seat, it has great shear force and self-cleaning performance, It is especially suitable for the control of suspension and solid particles containing fibrous or micro solid particles. Therefore, this product is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, electric power, papermaking, metallurgy and other industries.

Product parameters

Pneumatic v-ball valve is composed of V-valve body, ZSQ pneumatic actuator and other accessories. It is an advanced control valve with right angle rotation structure. V-ball valve does not need to be repaired for a long time and has long service life. It provides you with a valve with real high efficiency to control process conditions

It has excellent regulation characteristics: the V-shaped ball valve has approximately equal percentage flow characteristics and an adjustable ratio of up to 300:1. Therefore, the V-shaped ball valve can provide accurate control in a wide range of pairs

Maximum flow volume: due to its streamline, out of line and full right angle rotation control, the maximum volume is particularly high, the flow capacity is particularly large and the flow resistance is small. Therefore, a smaller and more economical valve size can be used

V-type ball valve adopts double bearing structure, with high mechanical stability and small starting torque, which ensures that the valve has good sensitivity and induction speed

Maximum reliability (safety): the valve body is an integral structure, firm and durable, the operation is not affected by pipeline pressure, and the leakage of the valve body can be avoided

Superior sealing performance of metal valve seat: V-shaped valve adopts movable metal valve seat, with self-service compensation function, superior sealing performance and long service life

Super shear capacity: V-shaped ball valve adopts metal hard sealing structure. During the rotation of V-shaped valve core and metal valve seat, V-shaped notch and valve seat produce a strong shear force, which can cut off fiber and other impurities, and has self-cleaning function to avoid valve jamming

Pneumatic V - type ball valve is compact, compact and light, easy to install and maintain

The pneumatic actuator adopts piston cylinder and curved arm conversion structure, with large output torque and small volume. The actuator adopts fully sealed waterproof design and high protection grade. The cylinder adopts imported mirror cylinder, which has no oil lubrication, small friction coefficient, corrosion resistance and super durability and reliability. All transmission bearings adopt boundary self-lubricating bearings, which are oil-free lubrication to ensure that the transmission shaft is not worn

Material of main parts

Main material: valve body (1) WCB (2) 304 (3) 316 (4) 316L

Spool (1) 304 (2) 316 (3) 316L

Valve seat form: stainless steel movable hard seal, PTFE soft seal.

Main technical parameters of V-type ball valve:

Valve body:

Form: V-notch casting sphere

Nominal diameter: 25 ~ 600mm

Nominal pressure: pn1.6, 4.0, 6.4Mpa

Connection type: wafer type (pipe flange): jb79-59

Flange type: jb79-59

Materials: zg25i, zg1cr18ni9ti


Temperature range: normal temperature: - 40 ℃~ + 180 ℃, medium temperature: + 40 ℃~ 250 ℃

Packing: V-type polytetrafluoroethylene, flexible graphite.

Valve core type: V-type valve core

Flow characteristics: equal percentage characteristics

Materials: ICr18Ni9Ti, ocr18ni12mo2ti

Valve seat material: tetrafluoroethylene, special ppl, metal valve seat.

Adjustable ratio: 300:1