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Forged steel floating ball valve

Design criteriaGB12237-89

Structure lengthGB12221-89

Connecting flangeJB79

Inspection and testGB 13927-89

Product overview

Forged steel floating ball valve, forged material can ensure sufficient hardness and strength, and there are no internal defects under the maximum rated operating pressure. The valve is designed with a floating ball structure. The sufficient wall thickness determines the body and adapts to different high-strength bolt valve systems. The valve trim which is convenient for maintenance and sufficient to bear the pressure pipeline valve is carefully designed, and the working conditions with reliability under various working conditions are selected. It is widely used in polysilicon, coal chemical industry, petrochemical industry, petroleum and other fields.

Product features

Full bore or reduced bore design.

The valve rod is anti blow out, and the packing adopts adjustable sealing structure.

The sealing surface of ball and valve seat is specially hardened to ensure sealing and service life.

Fireproof and antistatic design.

Sphere floating design.

The overpressure in the middle chamber is automatically released.

Special valve seat spring, dustproof structure design.

Low leakage graphite packing design.

Patented design of special ball position adjustment structure.