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Flat gate valve

Design standardJB/T 5298 GB/T19672

Structure lengthJB/T 5298 GB/T19672

Connecting flangeJB/T 79 GB/T12224

Pressure temperatureJB 9131

Test inspectionJB/T5298/9092

Product overview

Flat gate valve is applicable to natural gas, petroleum, chemical industry, environmental protection, urban pipeline, gas pipeline and other transmission pipelines, vent system and steam storage device, and is used as opening and closing equipment.

Product features

Parallel single and double ram self tightening structure, the valve seat is piston effect, and the sealing performance is reliable.

The sealing surface adopts metal to metal, metal to metal + sealing grease, or metal to PTFE + metal + sealing grease. It can meet the requirements of zero leakage.

It can automatically grease the sealing surface, with reliable sealing performance and long service life.

Small flow resistance coefficient, small opening and closing force, convenient and flexible operation.

Advanced structure and convenient maintenance.

Gate valve with diversion hole can meet the requirements of ball cleaning.

The driving modes include manual, bevel gear (or spur gear) transmission, electric, pneumatic and hydraulic.