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ZMAX Pneumatic diaphragm three-way regulating valve

Nominal diameterDN20~DN300

Nominal pressure1.6  4.0  6.4MPa

Working temperature-40~+450℃

Product overview

Pneumatic diaphragm three-way regulating valve is composed of multi spring pneumatic diaphragm actuator and three-way confluence (diversion) valve with cylindrical thin-wall window valve core. It has the advantages of simple structure, light weight, sensitive action and accurate flow characteristics. It is equipped with electric pneumatic valve positioning or pneumatic valve positioner, which can realize the automatic regulation and control of the fluid medium in the process pipeline. It is widely used to accurately control the process parameters of gas, liquid, steam and other media, such as pressure, flow, temperature, liquid level and so on. It is suitable for dividing a fluid into two flows through the three-way valve or combining two fluids into one fluid through the three-way valve.

Product parameters

The pneumatic three-way regulating valve is the executive unit of the instrument in the automatic control system. It adopts the electric pneumatic valve positioner, takes the electric signal and compressed air as the power, and receives the 0-10mA? Input from the control system? DC or 4-20mA? The DC current signal is input and output by the regulator to convert the compressed air into the air source pressure signal, which can realize the split range control (segment amplitude signal), so as to change the valve core opening displacement and achieve the accurate adjustment and control of the process parameters of the fluid medium

The pneumatic three-way regulating valve can be divided according to the action mode; Positive action: air closed type (when the signal pressure increases, the valve position moves downward), type B

Reaction: air opening (when the signal pressure increases, the valve position moves upward), type K

The valve core structure of the three-way regulating valve is a cylindrical thin-wall window valve core, which adopts the side guide of the valve core, the inner surface guide of the valve seat and the upper bushing guide, so the guide area is large and the work is reliable. The action direction of fluid on the valve core is in the open state, so the working performance of the valve is stable.

The three-way regulating valve has two forms: three-way confluence regulating valve (mixing two fluids into one fluid through the three-way valve) and three-way split regulating valve (dividing a fluid into two flows through the three-way valve). When the nominal diameter DN ≤ 80mm and the pressure difference is small, the diverter valve can be replaced by the confluence valve with the same diameter. Flow characteristics are linear and parabolic.

The three-way regulating valve can replace two two-way regulating valves used at the same time, and plays the role of diversion or confluence and two-phase regulation and proportioning.

[pneumatic three-way regulating valve] products are widely used in automatic regulation and remote control of industrial production processes such as chemical industry, petroleum, metallurgy, power station, light textile, papermaking and pharmacy.

The product pressure grade is pn1.6 4.0 6.4Mpa; Nominal diameter DN25 ~ 300mm; The applicable fluid temperature is - 40 ~ + 450 ℃; According to the temperature, different valve covers can be divided into normal temperature type and high temperature type.