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V-type ball valve

Design criteriaGB12237

Structure lengthGB12221-89

Connecting flangeJB79

Inspection and testGB 13927-89

Product overview

V-type ball valve is a kind of rotary ball valve with metal core seat or metal to Teflon sealing fit. It combines the best control characteristics of ball valve and butterfly valve, and can be used as control valve. It can also be used as a shut-off valve.

Product features

The integral valve body without any pipe joint is not affected by pipe or bolt stress, and since the valve body has no pipe joint, the pressure housing will not be affected by the "sudden change" of pressure.

It has a V-shaped valve body. Even in the case of small flow or high viscosity medium, it can ensure the accuracy of control in the whole range.

The leak proof and durable valve seat is lined with a stainless steel inner core at its outer diameter Р TFE cup or О The valve seat is made of tungsten cobalt cemented carbide with large section. The structure of the valve seat is further enhanced by an alloy pitted spring.

When the valve is closed, wedge-shaped shear action is generated between the V-notch and the valve seat, which not only has self-cleaning function, but also prevents Ball & jamming. It is especially suitable for occasions with high viscosity, suspension, pulp and other non clean and fibrous media.