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Fixed flange ball valve

Design criteriaGBI2237

Structure lengthGB 12221 JB7745

Connecting flangeJB79

Inspection and testGB/T13927 JBT9092

Pressure temperatureGB 9131

Product overview

The ball of the fixed ball valve is fixed and supported by a two-stage and three-stage fixed shaft connected with the ball. When closed, under the action of medium pressure, the sphere will not produce displacement, and the upper and lower shafts connected by the spheres are equipped with rolling bearings or sliding bearings. To reduce the friction force of the journal during opening and closing. Reduce operating torque. With the advanced nature of the structure, the sealing performance of the fixed ball valve is stable, the operation is labor-saving and the service life is long. The fixed ball valve is suitable for large-diameter ball valves. It is used in long-distance pipeline and other fields.

Product features

The fixed ball design is adopted, and the parts are made of self-lubricating materials with minimal friction coefficient. The operating torque is small. The long-term sealing of sealing grease makes the operation more flexible.

The valve adopts high platform structure, which can make the installation of electric / pneumatic actuator more professional.

Full bore or reduced bore design is adopted. The flow resistance is small.

Metal hard seal О Type a fixed ball valve adopts two-way metal movable sealing structure. It has the functions of white motion compensation and white cleaning, and has excellent sealing performance.

Fixed ball design. The preload spring is added to make the ball valve have the function of automatic pressure relief.