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American standard gate valve

Butt weldingASMEB16.25

Test inspectionAPI 598

Nominal pressureclass150~class2500

Shell test2.93~63.0

High pressure seal2.07~46.0

Low pressure seal0.6


Applicable mediaWater, oil, gas and various corrosive media

Product overview

The design of thrust bearing makes the valve easy and flexible to open.

The top mounted stem nut makes the valve in the open position. Even if the thousand wheel, stem and RAM are removed, they will not fall.

The packing is made of flexible graphite material with reliable sealing performance. Packing spacer ring and grease filling structure can be provided when required by users.

The design of sealing on the valve can ensure the packing and reliable sealing when it is fully opened.

Lift valve stem. The stem and the gate are connected by dry groove, and the stem head is forged as a whole to ensure sufficient connection strength.

Executive standard

Design standard:API 600 API 6D

Pressure temperature:ASME B16.34

Structure length:ASME B16.10

Flange size:ASME B16.51 ASME B16.47