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ZDLPF46 Electric fluorine plastic lined single seat regulating valve

Nominal diameterDN20-DN150

Nominal pressure1.0 1.6

Mode of actionElectric open(K common);Electric closing type(B)

Working temperature-30~200℃

Power supply220V50~60Hz

Explosion proofOrdinary type, explosion-proof type dⅡBT3

Product overview

Zdlpf46 electric fluoroplastic lined single seat regulating valve is powered by 220V power supply, receives 0 ~ 10mA or 4 ~ 20mA DC signal, automatically controls the opening of the regulating valve, and realizes the adjustment of fluid pressure, flow, liquid level and other parameters in the pipeline.

As the parts contacting the medium of the valve adopt high-pressure injection molding process, lined with corrosion-resistant and aging resistant polyperfluoroethylene propylene (F46) and sealed with Teflon bellows, the valve is widely applicable to chemical, petroleum, metallurgy, medicine, electric power and other industries Process automatic control of liquid medium.

Product features

It is composed of 381 series straight stroke electric actuator or DKZ electric actuator and fluorine plastic lined straight through single seat valve body.

Corrosion resistance: the inner cavity of the valve body, valve core, valve seat and valve stem are lined with F46 with a thickness of 2.5mm ~ 3mm, which can resist acid, alkali and strong corrosion.

Good sealing performance: PTFE bellows and packing are used for double sealing to ensure no leakage.

Small leakage: because the valve core and valve seat are soft seals, the leakage is very small.