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Heavy hammer hydraulic control slow closing check butterfly valve

Nominal diameterDN300 ~ DN4600

Nominal pressurePN0.25 ~ PN2.5

Shell test pressure(MPa)0.375~ 3.75

Housing seal pressure(MPa)0.275~2.75


MediumWater, sea water, sediment water

Product overview

It is mainly composed of valve, transmission mechanism, hydraulic station and electric control box.

The valve is mainly composed of valve body, butterfly plate, valve rod, sealing assembly and other parts. The valve rod can adopt long and short shaft structure, and the valve body adopts horizontal structure.

The transmission mechanism is mainly composed of hydraulic cylinder, swing arm, supporting side plate, heavy hammer and other connecting and transmission parts. It is the main actuator for hydraulic power to open and close valves.

The hydraulic station includes oil pump unit, manual pump, accumulator, solenoid valve, overflow valve, flow control valve, stop valve, hydraulic manifold, oil tank and other parts.

The transmission hydraulic cylinder is provided with a quick closing time regulating valve, a slow closing time regulating valve and a fast and slow angle regulating valve.

Manual pump is used for system commissioning and valve opening and closing under special working conditions.

The hydraulic station, electric control box and valve can be installed as a whole. It can also be installed separately. It is generally installed separately.

The flow control valve is used to adjust the valve opening time.

Product features

The distance between the valve center and the water pump outlet must be greater than 2000mm. If this condition cannot be met, rectification measures shall be taken. If possible, this distance shall be increased as much as possible to reduce the adverse impact of the turbulent flow state at the pump outlet on the valve.

There is a section of horn at the outlet of some pumps. When the valve is fully open, the butterfly plate should not be in the horn pipe.

In horizontal arrangement, the transmission mechanism is generally installed in the forward direction, which is limited by the site space. The reverse installation type can also be adopted according to the user's requirements.

Executive standard

Design standard:JB/T5299-1998、JB/T8527-1997、GBT12238-2008

Structure length:GB/T12221-2005


Gray cast iron flange:GB/T17241.6 2008 GB/T17241.6-2008 GB/T9112~9124-201D

Accumulator standard:GB/T2352 2003

Test inspection:GB/T13927-2008

Quality assurance:ISO9001:2008