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Stainless steel welded check valve

Design standardASMEB 16.34/BS5352

Pressure temperatureASMEB 16.34

Flange sizeASMEB 16.5

Butt welding endASMEB 16.25

Test inspectionAPl 59B

Product overview

The sanitary check valve can quickly disassemble and assemble the valve, so that the valve can be opened, cleaned and maintained quickly and easily, and the process shutdown time can be shortened. The whole is made of stainless steel, and the valve seat seal is made of food rubber, which meets the requirements of food and health safety.

Product features

For sanitary check valve, when the medium flows into the valve body from the flow direction shown by the arrow of the valve body, the pressure of the medium acts on the valve disc to generate an upward thrust. When the thrust of the medium is greater than the gravity of the valve disc, the valve opens. When the force of the medium pressure behind the valve on the valve disc plus the gravity of the valve disc itself is greater than the force of the pressure in front of the valve on the valve disc, the valve is closed to prevent the medium from flowing back.

1. The valve bodies are detachable and connected, with simple structure and convenient maintenance.

2. The shape is light and beautiful, the surface is bright without dust, and there is no burr.

3. No dead angle processing is adopted to ensure that the medium has the characteristics of no residue and easy cleaning.

4. Made of high-quality SUS304 and 316L, it can meet the special requirements of various media in the field of food and biopharmaceutical.

5. It belongs to high-precision sanitary pipeline. The three-layer high-grade internal mirror polishing treatment is easy to disinfect, odor proof and easy to disassemble and wash.