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SCZ gate valve

Nominal pressure0.6 ~ 1.6

Test pressureHousing 0.9~2.4  Seal up 0.66~1.8

Working temperatureRubber ≤80℃ Y/H Y/H≤425℃

Applicable mediaAir, pulp, sewage, coal slurry, soot, slag water mixture

Product overview

Gate valve is applicable to natural gas, petroleum, chemical industry, environmental protection, urban pipeline, gas pipeline and other transmission pipelines, vent system and steam storage device, and is used as opening and closing equipment.

Product features

Valve body: 1CF1ENi9Ti, CFEM, CF8, CF3M, GF3, WCB;

Valve seat sealing ring: rubber;

Sealing gasket: rubber;

Bolt: B7;

Valve stem: 1cf1bnigti 2Cr13;

Support: stainless steel, carbon steel;

Packing gland: stainless steel;

Filler: graphite.