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4-way ball valve

Design criteriaGBI2237-89

Structure lengthZMv-2002

Connecting flangeJB79

Inspection and testGB 13927-89

Product overview

The packing of four-way ball valve adopts braided, flexible graphite sealing ring or tetrafluoroene sealing ring, and the valve rod can realize reliable sealing under certain lubrication. It is widely used in pipeline transportation systems such as oil, natural gas, coal and ore extraction, refining and processing. Sealed in various pipeline systems, it is used to cut off or connect the flow direction of medium. The medium is transported to each designated point according to the predetermined procedure.

Product features

The cross section of the connecting pipe between the sphere and the valve body is equal, and the sphere channel is connected by circular arc. The medium passes through the sphere and the fluid resistance is small. The valve seat adopts PTFE material with certain elastic deformation and high strength to achieve good sealing performance and ensure the stability of the valve.

The valve core and optical neck of the valve are made of austenitic stainless steel, and the valve seat is made of PTFE, which can achieve good corrosion resistance and prolong the service life of the valve. When the ball valve is opened and closed, the valve stem only rotates, so the packing seal of the valve stem is not easy to be damaged, and the sealing force of the valve stem reverse seal increases with the increase of medium pressure. The channel of the ball valve is flat and smooth, and it is not easy to deposit media, so it can pass the ball through the pipeline.

Floating ball is used below DN150 and fixed ball is used below DN200.