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ZDLN Electric two seat regulating valve

Nominal diameterDN25 ~ DN300

Tripmm10 ~ 100

Basic error%±2.5

Return difference%2.5

Adjustable range50:1

Product overview

Zdln electronic electric two seat regulating valve is composed of 3810l series electronic electric actuator and two seat valve. The electric actuator has a servo system without additional servo amplifier. The electronic control unit is designed as a box and cast with resin. The driving quantity feedback detection adopts high-performance conductive plastic potentiometer. It is a high reliability product with 1 / 250 resolution, The connection is very simple. It only needs to be equipped with DC4 ~ 20mA or DC1 ~ 5V input signal and 220ac single-phase power supply to control the operation. The valve core of the regulating mechanism adopts top guidance. The single seat type is suitable for occasions with strict leakage requirements, low pressure difference before and after the valve, certain viscosity and fiber containing medium. The double seat regulating mechanism has small unbalanced force, large allowable pressure difference, large flow capacity and waiting point, It is suitable for occasions where the leakage requirements are not strict.

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