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Forged steel fixed ball valve

Design criteriaGB12237-89

Structure lengthGB12221-89

Connecting flangeJB79

Inspection and testGB 13927-89

Product overview

Forged steel fixed ball valves are open and close control valves. The valve adopts side mounted split bolt connection, which usually adopts two-piece or three-piece structure design, and the valve seat sealing structure adopts multi-stage sealing. The valve has double blocking and discharge functions, and is equipped with secondary emergency sealing grease injection structure design. Ensure to block the leakage at the valve seat and valve stem. This series of valves have higher reliability, fire protection design and anti-static design.

Product features

Full bore or reduced bore design.

The ball is fixed by the support plate to ensure that the valve rod is stressed with pure torque.

The valve rod is anti blow out, and the valve rod is multi-stage sealed.

Floating double valve seat, multi-stage sealing valve seat structure.

Double block and double discharge (DBB) structure.

Optional double piston effect seat.

Fire protection design, anti-static design.

The overpressure in the middle chamber is automatically released.

Emergency grease injection sealing structure and device for valve seat and valve rod.

The switch is flexible, easy to operate, long service life and maintenance free.

Stem extension design.

Mechanical limit of valve switch position.