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HTS Pneumatic diaphragm regulating valve

Nominal diameterDN20~DN100

Nominal pressureANSI 125,150,300,600 JIS 10,16,20,30,40K PN1.6,4.0,6.4MPa

Connection typeFF,RF,RJ,LG,Groove type,embedded type

Flange standardIS B2201-1984,ANSI B16.5-1981,GB/T9112~9124-2000

Welded connectionCaulking welding SW

Product overview

HTS cage regulating valve is an improved pressure balance regulating valve. The valve sleeve is equipped with a high-performance sealing ring to effectively improve the leakage level. The fluid channel in the valve is s-fluid linear. It is also equipped with a guide wing to improve the stable flow of fluid around the sleeve. It has the advantages of small pressure drop loss, large flow and wide adjustable range. The flow characteristic curve has high precision and good dynamic stability. Low noise, small cavitation corrosion, good dynamic stability, low noise and air defense of the control valve, suitable for controlling high-pressure differential fluid at various temperatures. Equipped with LHA multi spring membrane actuator or electric actuator, it has compact structure and large output force. The product complies with GB / t4213-92.

Product parameters

Materials: cast steel (zg230-450), cast stainless steel (zg1cr18ni9ti, zg1cr18ni12mo2ti, zg00cr18ni12mo2ti), titanium, etc

Upper valve cover: normal temperature type (P): - 17 ~ + 230 ℃

Elongation type I (E1): - 45 ~ -17 ℃ + 230 ~ + 566 ℃

Elongation type II (E2I): - 100 ~ -45 ℃

Elongation type II (e2w): - 196 ~ -100 ℃

Note: the working temperature shall not exceed the allowable range of various materials.

Gland type: bolt compression type

Packing: V-type PTFE packing, asbestos packing containing impregnated PTFE, asbestos woven packing and graphite packing

In valve assembly

Valve core type: single seat sleeve plunger valve core

Flow characteristic: equal percentage characteristic (%) and linear characteristic (L), refer to flow characteristic curve

Sleeve form: separate sleeve

Materials: stainless steel (1Cr18Ni9Ti, 1cr18ni12mo2ti, 17-4PH, 9Cr18, 316L), stainless steel surfacing stellite alloy, titanium and corrosion resistant alloy, etc

Technical parameters of actuator

Type: LHA multi spring diaphragm actuator, lva5 single spring diaphragm actuator, lva6 single acting cylinder moving piston actuator, LVP double acting cylinder piston actuator

Diaphragm material: ethylene propylene rubber with nylon cloth, nitrile rubber with nylon cloth

Spring range: 20 ~ 100, 80 ~ 240kpa (LHA, lva5 type), 190 ~ 350, 190 ~ 400kPa (lva6 type)

Air supply pressure: 140 ~ 400kPa (LHA type), 140 ~ 280kpa (lva5 type)

400 ~ 500kPa (lva6 type), 300 ~ 500kPa (LVP type)

Air source interface: RC1 / 4 "

Ambient temperature: - 30 ~ + 70 ℃

Valve action type: the positive action or reaction actuator is used to realize the gas close or gas open of the valve

Accessories: positioner, air filter pressure reducer, holding valve, travel switch, valve position transmitter, solenoid valve, handwheel mechanism, etc

Product performance

Leakage: metal seat: less than 0.01% of the rated capacity of the valve, in accordance with ANSI b16.104-1976class IV

Soft seat: less than 10-7 of the rated capacity of the valve, in accordance with ANSI b16.104-1976class IV

Return difference: with positioner: less than 1% of full stroke; without positioner: less than 3% of full stroke (lha1 type: less than 5% of full stroke)

Basic error: with positioner: less than ± 1% of full stroke; without positioner: less than ± 5% of full stroke