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T961Y Electric multi-stage regulating valve

Nominal diameterDN20-DN65

Nominal pressurePN10.0MPa~PN42.0MPa

Connection modeButt welding

Body materialCarbon steel

MediaWater, steam, etc


Product overview

T961y (power station) electric multi-stage regulating valve is used for feedwater regulation when boiler feedwater bypass is used as startup or low load operation; Feedwater recirculation bypass regulation (minimum flow valve); Spray water regulation of high pressure bypass; Superheater spray desuperheating regulation; Other high pressure differential water supply and drainage regulation, etc. The valve has five structures: multi-stage plunger type, multi-stage sleeve type, multi-stage sleeve plunger type and multi-stage inner and outer sleeve type. Multi stage throttling is adopted, the medium is gradually reduced, and the pressure drop of each stage is above the vaporization pressure, anti cavitation and low noise. The valve core adopts non flat pressure stabilizing balance structure, single valve seat and conical sealing, with good sealing performance and zero leakage. The sleeve structure is porous cage type, and the small holes are arranged strictly according to the required adjustment characteristics, with good adjustability. The fit clearance between the valve core and the sleeve valve seat is appropriate, the leakage during the adjustment process is less, and the regulator is accurate. The valve core is provided with guidance at the top and bottom, adjusting balance, no vibration and strong self-cleaning ability. The valve seat is overlaid with cemented carbide, and the valve core surface is sprayed with cemented carbide, which is wear-resistant and erosion resistant. The use of stage decompression and throttling spraying technology greatly improves the service life of the valve, expands the adjustment range and improves the adjustment accuracy. It can work continuously within the range of high pressure difference.

Product features

It can work continuously within the range of high pressure difference, anti cavitation, low noise, good sealing performance, good adjustability, no vibration, strong self-cleaning ability, wear resistance and long service life.

Product Name: t961y (power station) electric multi-stage regulating valve

Product model: t961y

Nominal diameter: dn20-dn65

Nominal pressure: pn10.0mpa ~ pn42.0mpa

Connection method: butt welding

Valve body material: carbon steel

Applicable medium: water, steam, etc

Applicable temperature: ≤ 425 ℃.

Driving mode: Electric

Electrical installation type: straight stroke

Power supply voltage: 220V, 380V

Input signal: 4-20madc or 1-5vdc (intelligent)

Output signal: 4-20ma.dc (intelligent)

Flow characteristics: straight line or equal percentage characteristics

Adjustable range: 10:1 ~ 100:1