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Ball valve (dome valve)

Nominal diameterDN100 ~DN300

Energy consumption MPa≤0.5

Working temperature≤150

Pressure MPa0.4-0.6

Gas consumption1-3

Cylinder output torque75-650

Product overview

Ball valve (dome valve) is a new type of special valve for ash removal. Two stainless steel rotating shafts and a rotatable dome are installed in the shell structure, and an inflatable dome seal ring is installed in the valve rotating dome. When the valve works, there is no contact between the dome and the inflatable sealing ring, and the sealing ring is made of special formula rubber. It is the key component of pneumatic conveying system. When the valve top acts, it has no contact with the sealing ring, low running resistance and long service life; Inflatable sealing ring is adopted, with good sealing performance; The pneumatic actuator is driven by a fully enclosed rotary push rod type straight cylinder. The rotary actuator has reliable performance and large output torque, which can meet the requirements of working under harsh working conditions. The sealing ring is made of special materials with wide temperature resistance range; Crankshaft design, full section flow when the valve is opened, and protect the dome sealing surface.

This valve is applicable to the inlet and outlet valves of bin pumps in the dry ash system of power plants, various types of worn dry ash in mines, cement, chemical industry and so on.