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ZZWP Self operated temperature regulating valve

Nominal diameterDN20 ~ DN150

Nominal pressurePN1.6、4.0MPa


Suitable mediumGas, steam, low viscosity liquid

Structure lengthGB12221-89

Ladle materialBrass

Product overview

Zzwp self operated temperature regulating valve is composed of temperature sensor and control valve. It is an energy-saving product that can automatically adjust the temperature change of the controlled medium without external energy. The product is suitable for automatic temperature control in various heat exchangers with various gases, steam, hot water, oil, etc. The utility model has the advantages of wide temperature setting range, convenient adjustment, continuous temperature setting, over temperature and over planting protection, convenient temperature setting, etc. It is widely used in urban heating, heating system, electric power, petroleum, metallurgy, pharmacy, boiler and other industrial departments.

Product parameters

Small volume, light weight and easy installation;

Accurate and reliable, long service life;

Maintenance free work;

Easy adjustment and setting;

Passive operation (normal operation without power supply and air source);

No expensive commissioning cost;

The valve body seal adopts V-ring high-temperature sealing components to prevent the possibility of over tight locking or air leakage of the valve rod.