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Rail ball valve

Design criteriaGB12237

Structure lengthQB/ZMV107

Connecting flangeJB/T79.1-79.4GB/T9113.1-9113.4

Inspection and testGB 139279

Product overview

A guide slot and a wedge arm are arranged on the valve rod of the rail ball making device, and the lower shaft of the ball adopts a spherical structure and is supported by the bottom of the valve body. A limit pin is arranged on the ball, the valve rod is matched with the wedge hip, and the support is equipped with a guide pin and is in contact with the guide pin. This series of one-way ball valves adopt full bore structure with small flow resistance. Reliable sealing performance. It is widely used in coal water slurry, black water and other media containing solid particles. It can also be used in petroleum, petrochemical and other industries.

Product features

Ball assisted design. The switch has no friction.

The single seat design avoids the risk of pressure rise in the middle chamber of the double seat valve.

Ball seal hardening design, very meticulous sealing performance under working conditions.

Top mounted design, online maintenance.

Low torque characteristics, with more economical actuators.

Anti flying design of valve stem. The extended bonnet design can meet the safety requirements of sealing packing at low humidity.

The injectable material design meets the on-line filling dimension of valve stem packing.