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American standard check valve

Design standardBS1868 API 6D

Pressure temperatureASMEB 16.34

Structure lengthASMEB 16.10

Flange sizeASMEB 16.5、ASMEB 16.47

Butt welding endASMEB 16.25

Test inspectionAPl 59B

Product overview

Large diameter check valves are designed with lifting rings; Easy to lift.

The type of bolted bonnet and middle flange gasket can be selected according to different pressure levels; The check valve of CLASS600 can adopt pressure white tight sealing structure.

The valve limit device prevents the valve from being opened too high to close.

The solid pin shaft has accurate installation and high strength, which ensures the service performance and service life of the valve.

The rocker has enough strength and enough freedom to facilitate the closing of the valve disc.

The valve disc has sufficient strength and stiffness, and the sealing surface of the valve disc can include surfacing metal materials or inlaid non-metallic materials as required by the user.

Skill specification

Nominal pressure: Class150 ~ Class1500

Shell test (MPA): 2.93 ~ 37.5

High pressure seal (MPA): 2.07 ~ 27.5

Low pressure seal (MPA): 0.6

Applicable temperature: - 196 ℃ - 550 ℃

Applicable media: water, oil, steam and various corrosive media (different materials are selected for different media)

Executive standard

Design standard:API 6D BS 1868;

Pressure temperature:ASME B16.34;

Structure length:ASME B16.10;

Connecting flange:ASMEB16.5{NPS≤ 24”}ASMEB16.47 (NPS > 24”" );

Test inspection:APl 598 API 6D;