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Side mounted eccentric hemispherical valve

Design criteriaGB/T122372005  API6D8

Structure lengthGB/T122212005  ASME/ANS1B16.1D

Connecting flangeJB/T79.1~42000  ASMEANSIB16.5

Inspection and testGB/T122372005 API6D8

Product overview

The close section hemispherical assembly of the side mounted eccentric hemispherical valve is installed from one side of the flange. This structure makes the maintenance more wear-resistant and easier to operate without dismantling the whole pipe. Side mounted eccentric hemispherical valve is a new generation of general ball silk. Because of its superior whole price ratio, it will be the best alternative to other ball valves in the future. The side mounted eccentric hemispherical Ti drives the shaft to rotate 90 ° with the help of the driving mechanism. At this time, the eccentric disc (hemisphere) fixed on the valve shaft rotates synchronously by 90 °. Rotate clockwise, the eccentric disc enters the valve seat, and Tong forms a wedge-shaped mechanism under the action of eccentricity. The valve disc gradually compresses the valve seat to realize sealing and close the valve. When rotating counterclockwise, the eccentric valve disc quickly disengages from the valve seat. When rotating 910 °, the valve is fully open.

Product features

This series of valves are suitable for medium and low pressure pipeline systems such as petroleum, chemical industry, gold treatment, electric power, papermaking, gas, Shannon, pulp and so on.