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ZJHPF46 Pneumatic film lined fluorine single seat regulating valve

Nominal diameterDN20-DN150

Nominal pressure1.6、2.5、4.0、6.4

Flange standardGB/T9113、JB/T79、HG20594 and other standards

Connection formflange(FF RF RTJ)

Bonnet formStandard type -40~+150℃、Bellows type -40~+150℃

Gland typeBolt compression type

Product overview

Zjhpf46 pneumatic film lined fluorine single seat regulating valve is a Teflon bellows sealing valve. It consists of a pneumatic membrane actuator and a straight through single seat fluoroplastic lined valve. As the part of the valve contacting the medium adopts the high-pressure injection molding process, lined with corrosion-resistant medium (such as hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, nitric acid, hydrofluoric acid, etc.) and aging resistant polyperfluoroethylene (F46) and sealed with Teflon bellows, the valve is widely used in chemical, petroleum, metallurgy, medicine, electric power and other industries for strong corrosive media such as acid and alkali and toxic Process control of volatile gas and liquid media.

Product features

Zjhpf46 pneumatic fluorine lined regulating valve and corrosion-resistant pneumatic regulating valve are anti-corrosion straight through single seat regulating valves. The inner wall of the valve body and components in the valve in contact with the fluid adopt high-pressure injection molding process, lined with corrosion-resistant and aging resistant polyperfluoroethylene propylene (F46), and sealed with polytetrafluoroethylene bellows.

1. Corrosion resistance. It can resist the corrosion of almost all media (including concentrated nitric acid and aqua regia).

2. Good sealing performance. Bellows and packing are used for double sealing to ensure no leakage.

3. Small leakage. Since the valve core and valve seat are soft sealed, no leakage is ensured.

4. Equipped with HA actuator, it has large output force and compact structure. The product complies with GB / t4213-92.

Applicable scenario

Pneumatic fluorine lined regulating valve is widely used for the control of acid, alkali and other strong corrosive media and toxic and volatile gases and liquids.