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Soft seal gate valve Z45X

Nominal diameterDN50~DN1000, 2"~40"

Working pressurePN10 / PN16 / PN25 / 150LB / 10K / 16K

Adopt standardGB / JIS / ANSI / BSEN / ISO / DIN


Mediumnormal temperature water

Product introduction

Gate valve is one of the most widely used valves in various fluid transportation engineering. Traditional gate valves are prone to fluid leakage and serious corrosion of internals. At present, the common soft seal gate valve on the market is easy to leak at the shaft seal of the valve stem, so it is impossible to replace the sealing ring without water and at any opening.

The elastic seat seal gate valve adopts novel structural design, strict manufacturing technology and high-performance new materials to overcome the defects of traditional gate valve, such as poor sealing, easy corrosion of internals, especially the gate, fatigue and aging of rubber elasticity. It has reliable sealing performance, light operation, simple and convenient maintenance and long service life. It is applicable to domestic water system, water supply and drainage system, sewage treatment system, chemical fluid transmission system, etc. it is used as a cut-off device on-line in construction, urban environmental protection, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food, metallurgy, textile, electric power and other industries (not applicable to throttling).