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Z41X Rising stem elastic seated gate valve

Nominal diameter50~1200mm

Nominal pressure1.0-2.5MPa

Adopt standardGB/T172416GB9113 GB13927AP598


MediumWater, oil, gas, etc

Product introduction

Elastic seat seal gate valve is an elastic seat seal gate valve produced by our company with the introduction of European high-tech valve manufacturing technology. It uses the compensation effect of elastic deformation caused by the overall rubber coating of the gate to achieve good sealing effect, and overcomes the phenomena of poor sealing, water leakage and rust of general gate valves. It can be widely used as regulating and intercepting devices on fluid pipelines such as tap water, sewage, construction, petroleum, chemical industry, food, medicine, light textile, electric power, shipbuilding, metallurgy, energy system, etc.

Working principle

The working principle of this product is basically the same as that of the traditional forged steel ball valve, except that the design of buried structure is added.

Product features

Light weight: the valve is made of resin sand nodular cast iron, with high strength and small volume. Compared with the traditional gate valve, the weight is reduced by about 20% ~ 30%, which is convenient for installation and maintenance.

Flat bottom valve seat: the traditional gate valve is usually a concave valve seat, which increases the fluid resistance, and is easy to accumulate welding slag, stones, sediment and other sundries, which is not conducive to sealing and flow surface. The elastic seat seal gate valve produced by our company adopts the flat bottom full basin straight through design, which is equivalent to the pipeline, so it is not easy to accumulate sundries, so as to ensure reliable sealing and unimpeded fluid.

Integral rubber coating of valve disc: the valve disc is internally and externally coated with high-quality rubber, and the first-class rubber vulcanization technology is adopted to ensure the accurate geometric size of the valve, and the rubber is firmly connected with the ductile iron valve disc, which is not easy to fall off and has good elastic memory.

Precision casting valve body: the valve body adopts precision casting, and the precise geometric size makes the sealing of the valve body without any processing. The ram frame is made of nodular cast iron and coated with rubber as a whole, which has the advantages of accurate geometric dimension, reliable coating, no falling off, good elastic memory and interchangeability.

Corrosion resistance: the internal and external surfaces of the valve body are coated with powder epoxy resin, and the internals are made of stainless steel or copper alloy, which can prevent the corrosion and rust of the valve body and can be used in the sewage system.

Not easy to crack: in the past, the traditional cast iron gate valve was often broken due to foreign object hit, collision or heavy pressure. Because the body is made of nodular cast iron, this situation can be greatly reduced

"0" ring sealing ring: because the valve body adopts three "0" ring sealing ring sealing design, it can reduce the friction resistance during switching, greatly reduce water leakage and replace the sealing ring without water supply.

Helpful for drinking: as the interior of the valve body is coated with non-toxic epoxy resin, the inner and outer surfaces of the valve disc are completely covered with rubber without rust or corrosion, which can support the drinking standard.