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H742 Pneumatic and hydraulic sludge discharge valve at the bottom of the tank

Working pressure1.0MPa

Nominal diameter150~400mm


TemperatureNormal atmospheric temperature

Working pressure of hydraulic cylinder0.3-1.0

Hydraulic cylinder working fluidGas and water

Product use

This product is used in various pools of water supply companies or other companies to remove sediment in the pool.

Working principle and performance

The valve is composed of a valve body, a hydraulic cylinder, a piston, a valve rod and a valve disc. Liquid as power, piston and valve rod as switch. It only takes one minute to open the valve plate. The valve must be equipped with manual replacement method or solenoid, which can remotely control the switch of sludge discharge valve. The valve has the characteristics of strong sealing performance, flexible switching, convenient maintenance and long service life. The service life can reach more than five years and the warranty period is 18 months.

Note: the driving fluid shall be air or clean water.